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Collaborative Divorce

Sensible Divorce Representation Without Court

For Placement OnlyCollaborative family law is when both parties believe it is in their best interest and the best interest of their children and other extended family members to agree to negotiate sensible solutions to their differences without resorting to putting their lives in the hands of a judge. The parties agree to avoid court, judges, litigation and to negotiate with the help of a trusted advisor, their trained collaborative divorce attorney.


In a traditional adversarial divorce your attorney is unable to focus completely on settlement of your case.  Your attorney must focus both on settlement and preparing your case for trial.  This makes it more difficult for your attorney and your spouse's attorney to keep costs low by sharing appraisers and ensuring timely delivery of necessary documents in order to settle your case.  As a result, tensions increase and settlement becomes less likely.  Collaborative divorce practice changes all of this.  Collaborative attorneys are trained to work cooperatively together to streamline the process, agree upon experts to assist the process and provide information in an open and timely manner in order to keep the process moving forward.

Collaborative divorce is private and confidential.

Collaborative divorce differs from mediation.  In mediation, you are guided through the process by a trained mediator, but often you do not have an advocate or advisor by your side.  In the collaborative divorce process, your trained collaborative divorce attorney is beside you to assist you and advise you in each step of the process.


A collaborative divorce could:

  • Save you money
  • Keep you and out of court
  • Let you make practical decisions for your family
  • Ensure that a stranger (the Judge) does not decide how your children will be raised
  • Streamline the divorce process
  • Allow you to continue relationships with your spouse's family
  • Ensure compliance with your agreement

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