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Divorce Mediation

Professional Massachusetts Divorce Mediator

Attorney Shannon Murphy Barnes, a licensed Salem Massachusetts Divorce attorney, can provide mediation services for you in your divorce proceedings. Attorney Barnes has been guiding men and women through the divorce process for over 17 years. Using a trained divorce mediator can provide valuable benefits to you.

  • much less stressful than going to court
  • provides a safe, confidential setting to voice your concerns and resolve your differences
  • save time and money as you are not at the mercy of court schedules and delay tactics

Adversarial attorneys can often create animosity that would not otherwise exist. The polarizing effects of a court battle often last for years and make it harder to work together to raise your family. Following your divorce, you may see your former spouse at business or family functions. It is often very important that you preserve a working relationship with your spouse.  Working with a Massachusetts Divorce Mediator can reduce the stress and animosity that litigation can create.

Court proceedings are open to the public.  Often your dispute is argued in front of a courtroom full of strangers.  Mediation provides a private, safe and confidential forum to negotiate your differences and arrive at solutions for your family.

Divorce mediation allows you and your spouse to make your own decisions about how your post-divorce family will interact.  Parties can consider non-legal factors in their negotiations that the Court and Judges do not.  This often provides families with better agreements and higher compliance rates.

In mediation you can arrive at creative solutions for:

property and debt division;

spousal support/alimony

child support


tax implications of divorce

parenting plans, custody, visitation


Shannon Murphy Barnes, a trained and experience divorce mediator, can guide you through the process.  Contact our office today for more details.