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Shannon Murphy BarnesI am proud of the professional reputation that I have earned practicing in the Essex County Probate and Family Court since 1995. I strive to provide personal and attentive service to all of my clients, many of whom were referred to me from other attorneys or by former clients. My experience in the courts, strong relationships with court personnel, probation officers and judges and my life experience enable me to provide effective, personal and sensible divorce representation to my clients.

As you contemplate divorce, I hope that you are relieved to learn about the availability of collaborative divorce.

Although traditional divorce attorneys will work to achieve the best outcome for you with regard to custody, division of assets and support, their process often creates an adversarial environment without addressing what is best for you and your family. Traditional divorce often adds fuel to the fire of emotions that you are experiencing. This will make it more difficult to resolve the matter and move forward. A judge does not have the time to craft creative parenting plans, support structures or plans for the division of assets that address your needs and make it easier for you to move forward with less anger and resentment.

Only you know what your children need. Only you know your strengths and weaknesses with regard to money management and finances. And, only you can address your underlying fears and needs in the divorce process. By engaging in the collaborative process you can create solutions that meet your needs and the needs of your children.

Shannon Murphy Barnes is a trained collaborative divorce lawyer, who can help you throughout the divorce process. Attorney Barnes can assist you by using collaborative divorce in resolving divorce, custody, post-divorce and other family disputes.

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The Salem Law office of Barnes and Leighton, partners Shannon Murphy Barnes and Kelly A. Leighton provide sensible, caring and affordable divorce representation, collaborative divorce representation and mediation services to clients in Essex County, Middlesex County, and Suffolk County.